Perm city is a large scientific centre where a number of institutes of the Ural department of Russian Academy of sciences, tens of scientific-research and project institutes, seven higher education institutions, conducting various scientific researches of applied and fundamental topic are located. Some of scientific organisations are united into Perm scientific centre, Ural Department of Russian Academy of Sciences. 

The following institutions act in Perm:

  • 14 independent higher education institutions and 13 branches of Moscow and Petersburg higher education institutions,
  • 40 institutions of secondary professional education.

The key higher education institutions of Perm are the following ones:

Perm State National Research University (hereinafter referred to as PSNRU)

It is classical university, the oldest in Ural, it has been founded in 1916, it is the forebear of Prikamie higher education system. The University consists of 12 faculties where wide range of various disciplines is presented, there are 77 academic departments, as well as 2 branches.

More than 12 ths. students study in PSNRU, over 1000 people teach there. Perm state national research university collaborates with foreign partners and international organisations.

97 scientific laboratories are functioning in the University, more than 300 scientific works are being worked out per year. Perm University obtained status of national research university that has become intense push to development of science in 2010.

It occupied the 32nd place out of 161 universities in the general rating of Russian higher education institutions for 2013/2014 academic year and the 31st place in the rating “Innovations and entrepreneurship”.

Perm national research polytechnic university (hereinafter referred to as PNRPU)

It is one of the leading and largest technical higher education institutions of the Russian Federation. It was founded in 1956. It prepares personnel for highly technological branches of economics, conducts researches and developments on a whole number of directions of science, engineering and technologies.

The University consists of 10 faculties, 64 academic departments, 47 centres of additional professional education, faculty to increase qualification of teachers, centre of pre-higher education preparation and other departments of educational infrastructure. More than 25 ths. students study in the higher education institution every year.

In 2009 the University obtained the status of “national research university”, the program of development up to 2018 was approved.

It occupied the 85th place out of 161 universities in the general rating of Russian higher education institutions for 2013/2014 academic year and the 65th place in the rating “Innovations and entrepreneurship”.

Perm state humanitarian-pedagogical university (hereinafter referred to as PSPU)

PSPU is the educational, cultural and scientific centre of Western Ural. It has been founded in 1919, it is one of the oldest higher education institutions of Ural.

13 faculties act in the University. People study as per 26 specialities, 2 directions of baccalaureate, one direction of master course. Postgraduate studies are functioning as per 14 specialities and doctoral studies as per the speciality “General psychology, psychology of personality, history of psychology”. Over 7000 students study in the higher education institution, over 500 teachers and scientific employees work in the higher education institution.

Perm state medical university named after academician E.A. Vagner (hereinafter referred to as PSMU)

PSMU, being a big generally - recognised scientific centre of higher medical education and scientific-research work in the Western Ural, plays the key role in the development of healthcare system of the region. Initially it had been medical department in the composition of physical-mathematical faculty of Perm State University (1916), it became independent Perm medical institute on the 23rd of February 1931.  

More than 3 400 students study in the University every year. 482 clinical interns study as per 22 specialities, 303 resident physicians as per 36 specialities, 149 post-graduate students as per 25 specialities.  Over 2 000 doctors - as per more than 80 specialities increase their professional qualification for a year. Academy annually graduates more than 500 doctors of different profile.

Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy (hereinafter also referred to as PSPA)

Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy is one of two independent higher education institutions of pharmaceutical profile, preparing and increasing qualification of specialists in the sphere of pharmacy as per different forms of training for 60 regions of Russia and 16 foreign states. It was created in 1936.

Over 4000 students study in the Academy. The Academy consists of 5 faculties.

Graduates of the Academy work in the sphere of creating industrial production and pharmacy making of medicines, their quality control, organising medicines provision of population, pharmaceutical supervision, chemical, physical-chemical and judicial-chemical analysis.