Investment priorities of Perm city

Directions of investment priorities of Perm city:

Investments in the development of the main existing branches of Perm city economy.

Perm city is characterised by the set of branches, where rather large and significant for Russia companies are functioning.  Such branches will play role of locomotives and drivers of Perm city economy growth, as well as the whole Perm kray. Such branches are characterised by the fact that local self-government authorities have quite a limited impact on them and decisions are frequently taken at the Federal or regional level. Thus, the main task for Perm city in this case is ensuring comfort existence of these companies and their employees in Perm city - creation of urban infrastructure of proper quality, social infrastructure, collaboration in involvement of effective personnel resources. 

Such branches are the following ones:

  • production, transmission and distribution of electricity, gas, steam and hot water,
  • production of coke, oil-products and nuclear materials,
  • production of machines and equipment,
  • production of electrical machines and electrical equipment,
  • chemical production,
  • production of ships, aircrafts and space-crafts and other vehicles,
  • extraction of raw oil and natural gas; rendering services in these spheres,
  • production of cellulose, wood mass, paper, cardboard and goods.


Investments in the development of perspective branches of Perm city economy.

These branches can become the leading ones in Perm city economy in perspective, however, they are not the leading ones as of the current moment. Due to it Perm city administration needs to provide special support to these branches with a purpose of their accelerated development:

  • activity of ground transport, 
  • activity, connected with the use of computers and information technologies, 
  • auxiliary and additional transportation activity,
  • activity of water transport, 
  • production of medical goods; measuring devices, devices of control, management and tests; optic, 
  • production of rubber and plastic goods,
  • production of automobiles, trailers and semitrailers,
  • food production, including drinks,
  • agriculture, hunting and rendering services in these spheres.


Investments in the development of branches of economy, where small business entities play the main role.

It is reasonable to conduct the politics of lower business initiative release for sustainable functioning of Perm city economy, in the framework of which small business entities are functioning in those branches of economy, where they are more effective than large companies. It is reasonable for local self-government authorities of Perm city to carry out politics on encouraging innovations in such branches, export of products, resistance to administrative pressure on small business entities to encourage development of companies: 

  • operations with immovable property,
  • rendering other types of services,
  • activity of hotels and restaurants,
  • construction,
  • retail trade, except trade, related to automotive vehicles and motorcycles; repair of household goods, 
  • production of ready metallic goods,
  • production of furniture and other products, not included into the other groups,
  • publishing and polygraphic activity, replication of the recorded media,  
  • making clothes; finishing and colouring of fur


Investments in the development of Perm city infrastructure, including social infrastructure.   

Investments in the development of Perm city infrastructure must be carried out with a purpose of increasing quality of the urban environment, encouraging relocation of highly qualified workforce into Perm city and opening new companies, owing to involvement of foreign investments as well.  It is reasonable to invest in the following branches:

  • dwelling-communal sphere; 
  • road sphere;
  • healthcare;
  • education;
  • culture.