The biggest perspective investment projects of the city

Modernisation of current production:

1. Renewal of production “Reductor-PM” is carried out in the framework of modernising enterprises of the holding “Vertolety Rossii” (“Russian Helicopters”). The enterprise purchases and establishes new efficient equipment, builds modern energy-saving stands, creates modern production of chemical-thermal treatment. The total volume of the investment program in 2014-2016 will be over 3,5 bln. rubles.

2. Three big investment projects are being implemented at ОАО “Proton-PM”. These are “Reconstruction and technical upgrading of machining and casting productions for serial manufacturing of engine components РД-191», “Reconstruction and technical upgrading of machine-assembly and electroplating of engine РД-191» and “Reconstruction and technical upgrading of preparation,  machine-assembly and testing production”. It is planned to involve about 2,5 bln. rubles only in 2015.

3. АО “Stankoprom”, being a part of Rosteh corporation, is implementing the project on making monolithic and built-up tooling at ZAO “Instrumentalniy zavod - PM”. The project includes reconstruction and modernisation of current ZAO “Instrumentalniy zavod - PM”. The volume of “Stankoprom” investments in this project is 1 bln. rubles. All the machine building enterprises of both Perm kray and Russia will become potential consumers.

4. Production of carbamide is being modernised as per the technology Stamicarbon - «Urea2000plus» at АО “Mineralnye udobreniya”. Productivity of the existing carbamide machine at “PMU” will be increased from 1930 t/day to 2700 t/day thanks to replacement of a part of existing equipment and adding new section to the production cycle. The volume of investments will be 4,2 bln. rub.

5.  ZAO “Solenis Technologies MSP” is implementing 4 investment projects at the territory of the city: 1) expanding production of biokrilamid (increase of production capacities from 4000 up to 8000 tons per year); 2) expanding production of biokrilamid (flocculants) (from 7500 up to 15000 tons); 3) production of AKD emulsions Aquapel (rated capacity is 5000 tons per year); 4) production of foam suppressors Advantage” (rated capacity is 300 tons per year). 1. Company

Construction of the new production:

1. ООО “Synergia-Leader” plans to build new area to manufacture petroleum field equipment. The volume of the company investments will be 150 mln. rub. 250 new workplaces will be created.

2. ООО ”Prikamskaya gipsovaya kompaniya”  is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of materials for “dry” construction and high-quality finishing, it continues implementation of investment projects in the territory of the city. The company plans to implement 2 projects: construction of full cycle line on production of plates and construction of the shop on making dry building mixes.    The volume of investments will be 703,3 mln. rub.

3. ОАО “Permskiy motorniy zavod” plans to build production-technological complex in the territory of tank range at the Eastern by-road. It is planned to output new turbojets and gas turbine industrial engines at the complex as well.   The volume of investments will be more than 40,8 bln.rub. It is planned to create 5073 new workplaces. 

4. Investment project of ООО “Sokol” is creation of own production in the territory of Perm city, in particular, construction of the plant on making import-substituting products for petroleum and gas companies. The total volume of investments will be 1,6 bln. rub. It is planned to create 500 new workplaces. 

5. Investment project of PAO "STP Permskiy zavod metalloobrabatyvaushikh tsentrov” assumes conducting of reconstruction and technical upgrading of production capacities to organise production of Russian highly-technological metal-processing centres of increased dynamic rigidity, accuracy and productivity for treatment of special constructional steels and alloys.  The project obtained recognition and support at the Federal level. Founders of the company and investors of the project are the companies ООО “Prom-Oil”, PAO “Proton-PM”, АО “Stankoprom”. The volume of investments will be 419,8 mln. rub., the amount of newly created workplaces: 138.

Complex development of territories:

1. Construction of residential micro-district “Iva-1” in Motovilikhinskiy district of Perm city is carried out by ООО “SIK “Development-Yug”. The built-up area is 80,6 ha, the area of construction is 1 mln. square meters, including kindergartens, schools, polyclinics, sports areas, commercial immovable property.

2. ООО “Permskaya finansovo-proizvodstvennaya gruppa” plans to implement project on complex development of Morion territory (in shosse Kosmonavtov, 111). The purpose of the investment project is complex development of the plant “Morion” territory. The area is 13,7 ha, the total planned area of construction is up to 400 ths.m2, including residential, office and shopping buildings.  

3. The investment project of ООО “RosEvroDevelopment” on the land plot at the address: shosse Kosmonavtov, 162 (32,5 ha) assumes construction of multi-functional complex: shopping-entertainment centre (130-150 ths. square meters), hypermarket, residential complex (150-200 ths. square meters). 

4.  The project of complex built-up area in the micro-district Verkhniya Kuriya will be implemented by ООО “Dar.El”. The residential complex “Aqua-City” will be built on the border of Leninskiy and Motovilihinskiy districts in the territory of about 70 ha in accordance with the project.  The total area of residential places will be almost 337 ths. square meters, the residential complex is designed for 5,9 ths. people. The project provides for construction of kindergarten, school, medical institution for adults and children, multifunctional sports complex and yacht-club.  

Construction of shopping centres:

1. ООО “OBI” and “Selgros” is implementing the project that assumes construction of two shopping centres at the area at the address: Karpinskogo street, 115:  Shopping Center “Selgros” with the total area of 8 664 square meters and Shopping Centre “OBI” with the total area of 10 449,6 square meters.  The total volume of investments in construction of shopping centres will be 1,3 bln. rub., amount of newly created workplaces will be over 300. 

2. ООО “Ikea MOS (Trade and immovable estate)” plans to build the Shopping Centre “Mega” with the area of 150 ths. square meters with the Shopping Centre “Ikea” with the area of 33,3 ths. square meters). Investments in the project will be more than 15 bln. rub. Amount of newly created workplaces will be 2,5 ths. places.