Development of innovations

Perm city participates in innovative clusters, provided for in the documents of strategic and programmed-targeted planning of Perm kray.

1. Innovative territorial cluster of rocket engine-building “Technopolis “Noviy Zvezdniy” is formed and developed in accordance with the regulation of Perm kray Government as of the 15th of September 2014 # 992-п in the territory of Perm city. Perm innovative cluster of rocket engine-building is among 25 pilot innovative territorial clusters, approved by the regulation of the Russian Federation Government as of the 6th of March 2013 # 188.

The cluster is based on three priority industrial complexes: rocket and aviation engine-building, power engineering.

The cluster unites scientific-educational and production potential of Perm kray and it is characterised by historically established industrial cooperation connections between the organisations-participants: PAO “Proton-PM”, ОАО “Permskiy motorniy zavod”, ОАО “Aviadvigatel”, ОАО “NPO “Iskra”, ОАО PZ “Mashinostroitel”, ОАО “PNPPK”, ОАО “Permskiy zavod “Mashinostroitel”, ZAO “Iskra-Energetika”, ZAO “Obedinennye gazopromyshlennye tehnologii “Iskra-Aviagaz”.  

Key projects of the cluster:

• Rocket engine-building: creation of modern universal production complex on making rocket engines (production of units and machines of ecologically clean oxygen-kerosene engine of new generation РД-191 for carrier rockets “Angara”- future of Russian transportation cosmonautics).

• Aviation engine-building: organising output of turbojet engines of the fifth generation ПД-14 for new Russian short range aircrafts and medium-range aircrafts МС-21.

The first trial specimen of perspective aviation engine was assembled at the area of Perm engine-building complex. The project is being implemented with the support of the United engine-building corporation and corporation “OBORONPROM”.

• Power engineering: organising production of gas turbine electric power stations with a capacity from 2,5 to 25 Mwatt with perspective up to 40 Mwatt.

The enterprises-participants of the cluster and Perm national research polytechnic university (PNRPU) created multi-targeted adaptive ecological test complex for gas turbine engines in the range of capacities from 10 to 40 Mwatt at the test facility of PAO “Proton-PM”. The complex expanded opportunities of gas turbine mechanical engineering enterprises in the area of products testing.

The project of making micro-gas turbine power units with a capacity of 100–200 kW at the technogenic types of fuel (colliery gas, biogas, landfill gas, pyrolysis gas, liquid biofuel and others) and the project on making highly technological metal processing centres of the world-wide level are being implemented in the technopolis as well.      

Priority directions of the technopolis development:

1. Development of Centre of professional samples and practices on the base of the unique school of technological education (“Techno-school”) and Multifunctional educational centre of applied competences.  The task is to form the single system, allowing to build educational process at all the stages of education, starting from the stage of child’s identity formation and up to formation of modern highly-qualified production personnel.

2. Development of the Regional engineering centre: 

• implementation of technology of scientific products life cycle and life cycle of innovative projects on the base of PLM-system Teamcenter, as well as technology of virtual assembling (CALS);

• practical mastering of engineering analysis system on the basis of ProCAST and Tecnomatix platforms for needs of enterprises of Perm kray and rocket-aerospace of the branch;

• development of post-processing Centre of modern technological equipment; 

• working out training programs for engineering-designing personnel of the companies-participants of the cluster;

• creation of fast prototyping Centre and Service bureau to implement and actively use modern additive technologies (3D-technologies) in the framework of the rocket engine-building Cluster;

development and wide use of technological tooling on the basis of poly-urethane in the rocket engineering.

A number of infrastructure facilities, oriented to contribution to commercialisation of research and development results are functioning in the territory of cluster as well: The centre of cluster development: ОАО “Corporation of Perm kray development”, centres of technologies transfer (hereinafter referred to as CTT) by Federal state budgetary education institution higher professional education “Perm State National Research University” and Federal state budgetary education institution higher professional education “Perm national research polytechnic university”, there are centres of scientific equipment collective use centres, business incubators, permanent representation of Fund of contribution to development of small forms of companies in the scientific-technical sphere. 

The program of technopolis development provides for improvement of engineering, transportation and power engineering infrastructure, road and dwelling construction, reconstruction of existing and creation of new healthcare facilities, facilities of culture, household and sports in the settlement Novye Lyady. Conditions to form the Centre of rocket engine-building of Federal importance will be created as a result of implementing the program of cluster development “Technopolis “Noviy Zvezdniy” by 2020 to ensure world-wide level of Russian cosmonautics and strengthening the leading role of Russia in the aerospace activity sphere.

2. Cluster of fibre-optic technologies “Photonics” is a group of interconnected enterprises and companies, specialised in the sphere of photonics and optoelectronic instrumentation. ОАО “Perm scientific and production instrument-making company” is the anchor enterprise of the cluster.

Today cluster “Photonics” is:

• volume of investments in the development of the cluster infrastructure during the latest 3 years: 1,6 bln. rubles;

• volume of investments in the creation of new products during the latest 3 years: 3,2 bln. rubles;

• total earnings of the cluster enterprises: 25,6 bln.rubles;

• amount of workplaces: over 9300;

• working-out per one employee: 2,8 mln. rubles per year;

• more than 1700 specialists, dealing with developments and researches.

Products of the cluster:

Transport, navigation and positioning of moving objects

• fibre-optic gyroscopes,

• systems of navigation, routing and topographic precise positioning.

Communication and telemetry

• special optic fibre,

• fibre-optic cable,

• photon integral micro-schemes, 

• fibre-optic sensors,

• monitoring systems of industrial and civil facilities.


Extraction of mineral resources

• sensors and engineering control systems.


Power engineering:


• fibre-optic sensors of electric field, transformers of current and systems on their basis.


Medicine and healthcare:


• lasers;

• fibre-optic sensors for microsurgery.



3. It is planned to create innovative IT-cluster in the territory of Perm city in accordance with the state program of Perm kray “Development of informational society”, approved by the regulation of Perm kray Government as of the 25th of September 2013 # 1270-п, in the framework of the subprogram “Formation and development of highly technological cluster of the branch of informational-telecommunicational technologies in Perm kray”, it includes:

1) organisations, rendering services in the telecommunication sphere (ZAO “ER-Telecom-Holding” and others),   

2) organisations, carrying out development of software (ZAO “Prognoz”, ZAO “IBS-Seti”, ZAO “Gelikon-Pro”, ООО “Laboratory of open information systems”, ООО “Centre of information technologies”, ООО “Centre of payments acceptance” (Xsolla), ООО “Alternativa” (AlternativaPlatform), ООО “FreshStop” (Enaza) and others),   

3) organisations, making telecommunications equipment (ОАО “Morion”, ОАО ”Tact”, ООО “Incab”, ООО “Fort-Telecom”, ООО “Gorolab” and others),

4) organisations, rendering IT services, distributing and supplying telecommunicational equipment and software (ООО “Parma-Telecom”, ZAO “IBS-Seti”, ООО “Inform-Consulting”, ZAO “Biont”, ООО “Uralskiy komputernyi dom”, ООО “Sotrudnik”, ООО “Tekhnicheskiy center “Harmoniya” and others), 

5) organisations, performing scientific-researching and educational activity (Perm branch of Federal state autonomous  education institution higher professional education “National Research University - “Higher School of Economics”, Federal state budgetary education institution higher professional education “Perm State National Research University”, Federal state budgetary education institution higher professional education Perm national research polytechnic university and others).

It is expected that creation of IT-cluster will contribute to active development of innovative activity in the territory of Perm city, will ensure creation of modern informational-telecommunicational infrastructure, providing services of proper quality on its basis and ensuring high level of information and technologies availability for population, it will create conditions to increase quality of education, medical servicing, social protection of population by means of working out and using information-telecommunications technologies.