The biggest investment projects, implemented in 2014-2015

One can point out the following facilities among big investment facilities that have been implemented in 2014-2015:

- shopping centres “Lenta”, “Karusel”, “Raduga”, “Machta”, “Galereya”, “Panorama”, hypermarket “Magnit”, “SeshiLove” with the shopping centre “Ashan”, “Dekatlon” and others with the total area of more than 180 ths. square meters were built; 

- new industrial facilities were open at ZAO “SIBUR-Himprom”: power engineering complex, local installation on neutralisation and treatment of wastewaters and railway platform;

- petroleum residue recycling complex and the second stage of low temperature condensation unit and rectification of gas processing were put in operation at ООО “LUKOIL - Permnefteorgsintez”; construction of electric station of own needs finished as well;

- pilot part of KES Holding project on modernisation of heat infrastructure of Kirovskiy district of Perm city finished; 

- company ООО ”Prikamskaya gipsovaya kompaniya” put in operation the gypsum binder area, new production complex of dry building mixes began to work, the second shop on production of gypsum partition blocks was open;

-  company ООО “Nestle Perm” reconstructed the enterprise, new production line on making chocolate KITKAT was created with a help of newest technologies, upgrading of building, improvement of safety and labour conditions.

The plant of precision alloys was launched at PAO “Motovilihinskie zavody”- alloys with precise chemical composition, having a number of properties, hardly combined in usual grades of steel.


Putting in operation the buildings 

Organisations of Perm, not referring to small business entities, performed works and services for 24,7 bln. rubles or 127,4% to January-December 2013 (in comparable prices) as per the type of economic activity “Construction” in 2014.

9005 apartments with a total area of 576,5 ths. m2 were built in the territory of the edge centre from the beginning of 2014 that is 10,3% higher than the previous year level.  Private developers built 645 apartments with a total area of 114,9 ths.m2 or 94,5% to the analogous period in 2013 at the expense of own and borrowed funds. 

Average cost of construction of 1 m2 of the total area of separately located dwelling houses of apartment type without outhouses, additions and integrated premises (without individual dwelling houses, built by population) was 34,1 ths. rubles in 2014.

Budgetary investments

2 655,7 mln. rubles will be sent for implementation of investment projects in 2015. The main investment facilities of the city:

  •  light and musical fountain on the esplanade of the city, 
  •  new building of Municipal budgetary general education institution “Gymnasium # 11 named after S.P. Dyagilev”;
  •  sports and fitness complex in Sverdlovsk district of the city;
  •  construction of Sovetskoy Armii street from Mira street up to Dekabristov avenue;
  •  construction of gym in the municipal autonomous education institution “Secondary school # 12”;
  •  finishing construction of interschool stadium in the municipal autonomous education institution Perm cadet school # 1 “Perm cadet school named after generalissimo A.V. Suvorov”;
  •  construction of sports area in the municipal autonomous education institution “Lyceum # 10”;
  •  acquisition of ownership of building to locate pre-school educational institution in Kombainerov street, 30b and other facilities.